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Roberta is a multidisciplinary therapist and professional Visionary Artist who specialises in the development and exploration of the Soul’s journey to empower, inspire and heal. She is both grounded and practical in her approach to Healing and deeply inspired by Shamanism. Her motivation as a Therapist is to work and walk the path of the Heart, opening channels of compassion to others as space holder for healing to take place.

She facilitates workshops and classes on Energy Healing and Visionary Art and also offers courses in Reiki 1, 2 and Master level as well as initiations for the Munay Ki Rites within London, UK.

Sound Ceremonies (also known as Sound & Gong Baths) are also run monthly in Barnes, South West London as a way to combat stress with the intention of encouraging Relaxation, Rest and recovery. These are often run with the Martin from Sacred Space Holistics, a talented and gifted Therapist and Bodyworker who also works in London.





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