Shamanic Integrative Therapy


“Shamanism is an ancient and archaic healing practice that many of our ancestors would have practiced. This healing practice involves a shaman/shamanic practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with Spirit and Spirits to restore balance and harmony to the earth and our worlds within communities.

As a Visionary Artist I deeply connect to the ‘invisible realms’ and as such developed the skills to ‘journey’ between worlds to retrieve relevant information for my clients and restore harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

The Shamanic way of approaching and perceiving this world is through the understanding that everything that exists within creation is Alive and has the ability to interact with us (this includes both physical and non-tangible energies such as thought forms). The beauty of this modality and indeed its alchemy that comes from working with this healing method is that it helps to expand your consciousness whilst activating a renewed sense of connection to nature, animals, humans, our planet Earth and everything in between, including that which lies beyond the spectrum of perception. Most importantly it will assist you in realising just HOW connected you truly are to all that is and how important your presence here is. Ultimately this can release the Power (and responsibility) you have as a human being and the positive affect you can choose to have upon this earth, your friends, your family and of course your own body and Soul.

What can Shamanic Healing help me with?

Shamanic Healing can help with a wide variety of conditions. It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release at a subtle yet profound level. This helps the body readjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace, in its own way. Energy healings naturally seek out the root cause as well as the current symptoms; therefore, it can often mean that the outcome of treatment may be beneficial in unexpected ways. Results may not necessarily be immediate either and can often be experienced as a gradual release and improvement of general well-being over time. Sometimes this process is obvious, and other times subtle.

For example, you may seek Shamanic healing if you suffer from stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, excessive worry, sadness, low energy, insomnia, emotional imbalances or irritability. You may also wish to book a treatment to deepen your spiritual practice, explore the roots of a chronic physical ailment, or bring balance and harmony back to personal relationships that have become unhealthy and draining. Trust your intuition – you will be guided to this modality for a very specific reason that will make itself known in time.


What might my Shamanic Healing involve?

Shamanic healing is a specific method to instigate healing on a deep Soul and cellular level. This healing is energetic and dynamic and covers a number of different techniques. Here are a few examples:

Soul Retrieval – This method may be called into play when a person experiences something called ‘soul loss’/ ‘Pure Essence loss’: when an individual loses a part of his or her pure essence/soul – e.g. ‘I don’t feel complete’. Soul loss can be caused by a number of different experiences, such as physical or sexual abuse, the death of a loved one, and severe or chronic illness, to name a few. It should be noted that it is not uncommon to experience some level of soul loss in current or past lifetimes. Repressed, forgotten and gaps in memory could also be an effect of soul loss. Practitioners are able to retrieve missing Soul parts, returning them to the person and, where appropriate, uncover how and when the separation occurred. Once integration has occurred, the effects of Soul Retrieval can be increased personal power and a stronger sense of Self, clarity of purpose and life direction, healing of physical injuries and illness and a shift to a positive state of consciousness.

Extraction, Spirit Release, Clearing and Cleansing – When we hold heavy energies within our field for long periods of time, they will eventually settle in our energetic and physical system as much denser forms creating blockages, resulting in a variety of symptoms that are seemingly non-related. Negative thought forms can be one cause of blockages in the Human system. These intrusive energies can be self-inflicted or projected and received by others (consciously or not).

Ancestral healing – It has been found that certain patterns of physical and mental/emotional traumas can be passed down through generations and ancestral lineage. This may be in the form of inferior complexes, chronic bad luck, addictions, unexplained phobias or dis-eases. Some imbalances can be conscious, but we may not understand the root cause. Others may be subconsciously rooted within belief systems, creating disharmony with our expression of True Self. Shamanic healing methods such as energy tracking can locate areas that have been affected and act as a catalyst for healing wherever the root cause began.


These sessions are open to those who know in their heart that they are ready for change but may need a helping hand along the way. This work will invite the Sacred back into your life in ways you had not anticipated, only if you are willing to surrender to the process. Healing can be miraculous and much can be unearthed within one session, but more often than not, you’ll find that a tailored package will allow for deeper integration of the work to take hold and blossom in its own time. My role as Sacred Space Holder is to create a safe environment for you to be able to unravel your riddles and reveal your True-Self once again.

©Roberta Orpwood




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Length: 2+ Hours 

Venue: Near Barnes, South West London (full address will be given once your appointment is booked)

Investment: £175 Initial treatment / £160 Follow-up treatment / Tailored packs upon request


What you will Receive:

Diagnostic journey prior to the Healing to determine what type of shamanic healing you are to receive
In-Person Shamanic Healing Session with feedback


Follow up integration calls can be arranged upon request


Length: 1 Hour (for you)

2+ Hours for the practitioner 

Venue: From the comfort of your own home

Investment:  £175 Initial Treatment / £160 Follow-up treatment / Tailored packs upon request


What you will Receive:

Diagnostic journey prior to the Healing to determine what type of shamanic healing you are to receive
Distant Shamanic Healing Session
Healing Report of the Session with full Integration Instructions via email
Follow up integration calls can be arranged upon request




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