Publications & Collaborations

Here you will find a small selection of Roberta’s Published material and collaborations for Books, Card Decks and Commercial Businesses.


Jayne Wallace, Pyschic Sisters

The Crystal Power Tarot

Tarot Deck published by Ryland Peters & Small, CICO BOOKS

Author: Jayne Wallace, founder of Psychic Sisters

  • Published in April 2019: Specially commissioned watercolour illustrations for ‘The Crystal Power Tarot’

“Jayne Wallace, an internationally acclaimed Clairvoyant and the owner and driving force behind her world renown company ‘Psychic Sisters’. Jayne has been a naturally gifted clairvoyant since the age of seven, and has consistently studied across the world, constantly honing her craft in becoming one of the worlds most respected and renowned Psychic.

Psychic Sisters have been based within Selfridges for over 12 years – it is the first and only one of its kind in the world and remains so even today! Since then Jayne decided to recruit a number of variously skilled readers to join her.

Jayne has also worked with some amazing people including her. Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson and Lezley Mann. She was also interviewed by the esteemed chat show host Larry King and described it as “an honour to work with such a legend”. Having featured regularly in both national and international press like The Sun, Mirror, OK Magazine, Marie Claire and the New York Times to name a few, Jayne also writes monthly columns for Spirit & Destiny, Soul & Spirit, and Fate & Fortune Magazines.”


Ryland Peters & Small, CICO BOOKS

Publisher for ‘The Crystal Power Tarot’ – Testimonial

“I worked with Roberta on the illustrations for a crystal tarot deck by Jayne Wallace which I was managing editorially. Roberta gave meaning to the cards by following Jayne’s interpretations and combining these with her own creative vision and knowledge of the tarot, and the resulting artworks were stunning. She willingly made small adjustments according to our feedback so that both we (the publisher) and Jayne were happy with the end product. Throughout the project, communication was easy, with Roberta keeping us updated on her progress, working to often tight deadlines but always being realistic about what she could achieve in the time. She was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as an artist and illustrator. I hope we work together again one day.”

– Senior Editor, Carmel Edmonds



The Sage Goddess, Athena Perrakis

‘The Ultimate Guide to Chakras’, paperback book

Author: Athena Perrakis, Found of Sage Goddess

  • 2018 published date: Especially Commissioned Watercolour Goddesses and Chakra Illustrations for ‘The Ultimate Guide to Chakras’

Athena Perrakis, leading metaphysical teacher and creator of the world’s largest online metaphysical resource website,, addresses the nine major chakras we can tap into to balance, heal, and manifest. This guide explains how and why different crystalsessential oils, and sacred plants help to support each chakra.

Each chapter of The Ultimate Guide to Chakras includes magical exercises for accessing the energy of each chakra, including meditations, journal exercises, and working with goddesses and spirit guides. Readers will even learn how to create a dedicated chakra altar. Lavishly photographed and illustrated, this guide promises to be an essential volume for beginners and experienced energy workers alike.


Fair Winds Press, The Quarto Group

Publisher for ‘The Ultimate Guide to Chakras’: Fair Winds Press – Testimonial

“I had the honor of working with Roberta on a recent book project. By chance we came across her amazing artwork on Etsy and it showcased exactly what we were looking for. She created 19 stunning and unique water color pieces for our book. Following our directions well but also adding her own voice. What an amazing talent! Her illustrations elevated the book to a new level.”
– Anne Re, Art Director, USA

Moontime Diary

Iris Detenhoff from Moontime Diary creates Australian Astrological Lunar Diaries and Calendars. The moon diaries inspires and guides you to navigate your health, home and garden in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles.

  • 2018 Diary featuring the SoulBird Art Zodiac Goddess Collection (Diary Front Cover Art by Lily Moses)
  • 2018 Goddess Calender featuring the Zodiac Goddess Collection









Penny King Crystals ~ Academy of Crystals and Sound

  • Intuitive Commercial Cover Art by SoulBird Art, Roberta Orpwood 2016 – 2018 Commissioned work

Source Medicine

Sharon Bolt – An Intuitive, a multidisciplinary therapist who specializes in the body/mind/spirit connection within Australia. She teaches a variety of different workshops such as Plant Spirit Communication, Energy Healing, elemental magic workshops, Pendulum Dowsing training, women’s only sensuality training, and more.

  • 2016 Business Art Commission – ‘The Blue Garden’ by SoulBird Art

Kindred Spirit Magazine

Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for 25 years

  • 2016 Kindred Spirit magazine featuring SoulBird Art’s Zodiac Goddess Collection (issue Jan/Feb)


Embodied Soul

Joseph Callender – Therapist, Coach & Shamanic Healer


  • Business Art Creation – Soul Portrait 2015   –  (see more soul portrait examples here)



Jennifer Webb Yoga

  • Business Art Logo by SoulBird Art 2015