Preparing for your Shamanic Healing

These suggestions are given to help you get the most out of your healing and can be profoundly helpful in integrating the work.


Before your Shamanic Healing

Please refrain from drinking alcohol or taking any recreational drugs 24 to 48 hours before and after your healing. This is to assist you in keeping a clear mind and an open heart dedicated to the healing work in hand.

If you are experiencing addictions then please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

Eat light meals, ideally avoiding meat and drink plenty of water.

The night before your Healing, please request to Dream.
“I request to receive a Dream that will help me to be receptive to the work and in receiving the healing to integrate into my life.”
(please know that it is okay if you do not dream anything at all – let the healing fold in its own time).


During your Shamanic Healing

Before lying down to receive your healing, write any prayers or intentions that you have for this healing in your sacred journal. Even better, say them out loud.

You may experience physical sensations such as feeling hot or cold, emotions that are surfacing to be released, old memories, visions and intuitive downloads or messages and guidance.
It is, however, my job to do all the feeling and seeing, so please know that it is okay if you do not feel anything at all.All I ask is that you are receptive to the work.


After your Shamanic Healing

Make sure you have planned for an easy-going day after your healing. Be gentle with yourself. Everyone’s response to this profound work is unique, but what is very clear is that we need to give ourselves the space (physically and mentally) to process the healing and begin our integration. You may wish to go out into nature to ground yourself and reflect on your experience.

Please do not attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after your healing.

Eat well and drink plenty of water!

And finally… I Highly recommend – Epson Salts bath / Epson Salts Footbath


More information on Aftercare can be found Here.