Creating Sacred Space for Shamanic Healing

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is exactly as it sounds; it is a defined area in which we have dedicated and created for and to Sacred Holy work. This may be to give or receive healing, perform a ceremony or ritual or be a place of homecoming to commune with your Self, Great Spirit or our Ancestors.

Below are some simple suggestions to set up your space for your up-coming Distant Shamanic Healing with Roberta.

Define your area

Choose an area in your home that feels safe, and comfortable and one where you will not be disturbed. A place where you are able to lie down and relax comfortably. This could be your lounge, your bedroom or a space outside in your garden.



Turn your phone off or on flight mode


Prepare the space

It is a respectful and healthy practice to make sure that your sacred space is uncluttered and clean. This means both physically clean and energetically. There are many simple ways you can energetically cleanse your space; one way is to use the power of intention coupled with your favourite incense or white sage. Open windows to allow fresh air and stagnant energy to pass through and out of your room. Next, carefully light your chosen incense/sage, and with the power of your intention to “cleanse this space from all negative energies” allow the smoke to move around your chosen space to all areas of the room, including the corners of the room and underneath tables/chairs/beds.


Get Comfortable

Gather all the items that will make this shamanic healing journey comfortable for you. This can include, a blanket, pillows, an eye mask, and extra clothing layers in case your body temperature drops during the session.


Nourishment – Feed your Sacred Temple

Prepare some fresh fruit as a snack (even a little dark chocolate is an option!) and a glass of water or herbal tea to nourish you.



As a Shamanic Sound therapist, I highly recommend listening to music that calms and grounds you for the healing. I will be giving you a Shamanic Sound Healing track created by Larimar Sound Alchemy, which was personally commissioned for my distant shamanic healings. This will be yours to keep as a gift from me to you. Equally, I ask you to follow your intuition on what sounds you wish to listen to. You may find the Spirit of Silence calls to you instead. If so, I ask you to honour this as it may well allow you to hear Spirit more easily.


Sacred Fire

Central to all of my shamanic work is the Spirit of Fire. I invite you to light a Candle at the beginning of your healing and blow it out at the end. Please make sure this is lit safely and held within a fireproof dish.


Journal and Draw

Find yourself a notebook that is special and private to you. During or after your healing, you may wish to write or draw your experience. This may be documenting physical sensations, jotting down memories that surface, visions, colours, or messages that come to you.