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Please respect the Artist and her dedication to her creations by considering Copyright Laws before using her images.
Acknowledgment of the origin of ANY image used from the internet is absolutely necessary to be respectful to the maker.
Please read carefully and follow the guidelines below.


Personal (non-commercial) Websites:

You are permitted to use ONE image with full credit to the artist and website is visible WITH the image – Copyright SoulBird Art by Roberta Orpwood, www.soulbirdart.etsy.com / or www.soulbirdart.com

Please note:

  • Images may not be altered, manipulated, modified, animated, adapted or collaged in any way.
  • Images may not be used on websites deemed inappropriate
Commercial Websites:

You may NOT use any images without prior written consent from the artist, Roberta Orpwood. To obtain consent, interested parties should send an e-mail to soulbirdart@hotmail.com. (Licensing Fee may be required).



You are very welcome to use Roberta’s art for *Personal use on Social media posts and stories or Profile pictures, but you must ensure that you ‘tag’ @soulbirdart and artist credit is given in the description as follows:

SoulBird Art by Roberta Orpwood – @soulbirdart –  www.soulbirdart.com

*Please note that requesting permission is still required as not all of the SoulBird Art Collection is available for use even for personal pages.

Donations are welcomed from those of you who are enjoying Roberta’s artwork enough to use them on your personal pages. You can do this by using the paypal donate button at the top of the page or by using the email soulbirdart@hotmail.com on paypal.



Use of images on any commercial social media or group pages are NOT permitted without prior permission. License Fee may be required.
Please contact the artist directly to request permission and to discuss the license fee.

Regardless of licensing agreement, credit and tags must always be honoured.
“ SoulBird Art by Roberta Orpwood – @soulbirdart – www.soulbirdart.com

*I note here as an exception, that I am happy for you as a business to share directly from my instagram feed to your Social Media STORIES.
Credit and Tag still required.



For existing artworks created by Roberta Orpwood; book covers and Products will need to be covered by a licensing fee £250 – £1500+ (dependent upon the details of the product in question).
To obtain consent, interested parties should send an e-mail to soulbirdart@hotmail.com. A Licencing agreement can be discussed once I have more information about your request.
Regardless of licensing agreement, credit and website link to the Artist must be used with every image.


MAGAZINES AND BOOKS – Articles regarding SoulBird Art:

If magazines or books are intending to write an article or to interview Roberta Orpwood for their publication, then artworks will be provided by the artist free of charge to accompany such writings.



For use in event productions – Posters, fliers and all promotional material (physical and digital) require full permission from the artist along with a license fee agreement; £200 – £850+ per image. (Fee quote is dependent upon the details of the event in question, e.g event capacity, event for profit or non-profit etc ).



Contact Roberta to request permission for the specific artwork you’d like to use before your tattoo is created (not all artworks are available for tattoo use). Roberta will then offer you a Tattoo Ticket that will enable you to take the image to your tattoo artist to be used. Tattoo Ticket fees are given upon request.
Artist request / optional – Please send Roberta a good quality photograph of the final tattoo and/or a working progress photograph to soulbirdart@hotmail.com
Please remember, you pay your tattoo artist for their artistry and time, so I encourage you to honor all artists who are the creator of your tattoo design by offering a fair exchange just as you do for the tattoo artist. This is why Tattoo Tickets are helpful to support the originators of such artworks.



Images for use in workshops, lectures and presentations may be permitted for use free of charge but must only be used within the lecture/workshop itself. Artworks may be obtained via photocopying from books or the internet for power point presentations. You must also credit the artist and give the website www.soulbirdart whilst the artwork is on display.

No presentations must be offered for sale on the internet and must only be used for the purpose of the Workshop. No physical print-outs, fliers, posters or reproductions of any kind are permitted in any way.

Donations are however welcomed and this can be done via the paypal donation button at the top of the page or by using the email soulbirdart@hotmail.com on paypal.



At this time, Roberta is generally not taking on any commissioned work. That said, if Roberta resonates with your vision and creative project (book cover, label branding etc) and she is able to weave the project into her current availability then she is happy to explore this with you.

Please email Roberta directly: souldbirdart@hotmail.com



Roberta Orpwood does NOT grant permission for reproduction rights on business cards, brochures and pamphlets that promote private practice of any kind without written consent and permission from the Artist. Licensing Fee may be required.

Permission is NOT granted for image use in physical or digital workbooks, self-published books, merchandise of any kind without written consent. License fee may be required.

If you have any questions regarding whether your intended use of her images is permitted, PLEASE ASK. Contact her directly with your request and questions along with a description of the intended use to soulbirdart@hotmail.com

Image(s) you would like to use

Where they will be displayed

How they will be displayed

Intent of its display

Duration of their public viewing

Any other information you feel would be useful

Any commercial use of my images/artwork without prior consent is a violation of United Kingdom and International copyright law.

SoulBird Art by ©Roberta Orpwood

Copyright statement:

The photographs and images contained on this, and any other site under the soulbirdart.com domain, are the property of Roberta Orpwood and are protected by United Kingdom and International copyright laws. All copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in this site, are the property of Roberta Orpwood of SoulBird Art.

No permission, either express or implied, is granted for the electronic transmission, storage, retrieval, or printing of the photographs contained on soulbirdart.com. No parties/individuals visiting or viewing images from soulbirdart.com, may otherwise copy, modify, publish, transmit, or distribute the contents of the images found herein. Express written permission must be granted, on behalf of the Artist (copyright holder, Roberta Orpwood), in order to use these images for any purpose that is not outlined above.

Copyright Infringement is Serious

The act of infringing on a copyright is a very serious business and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. I am a Professional and work as a self-employed woman in the Uk and have worked very hard to build my own business single handedly to present you with high quality paintings and images and so I kindly ask that you refrain from copying any of the graphics, photographs, or articles from this site for your own use (other than the terms stated above).

Doing so is an infringement of United Kingdom and International copyright laws.


© Copyright 2012-2021 Roberta Orpwood  All rights reserved.