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 This copyright statement applies to all Art, Photography & images found on this website. Please read carefully before downloading, linking to, or printing copies for use.

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1.Proprietary Rights

The photographs contained on this, and any other site under the domain, are the property of Roberta Orpwood and are protected by United Kingdom and International copyright laws. All copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in this site, are the property of Roberta Orpwood of SoulBird Art.

No permission, either express or implied, is granted for the electronic transmission, storage, retrieval, or printing of the photographs contained on No parties/individuals visiting or viewing images from, may otherwise copy, modify, publish, transmit, or distribute the contents of the images found herein. Express written permission must be granted, on behalf of the Artist (copyright holder, Roberta Orpwood), in order to use these images for any purpose that is not outlined above.

Your use of or viewing of this statement indicates your acceptance of these conditions.


2. Free Web Usage Criteria (Not applicable for commercial)

Statement: “Acknowledgment of the origin of ANY image used from the internet is absolutely necessary to be respectful to the maker.”

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The following conditions define my authorisation for use of my images on the Web, free of charge, so long as proper attribution of copyright is given to me, SoulBird Art by Roberta Orpwood and includes the website in said attribution. *Please note this is for personal websites only


3. Social Media Usage Criteria

Social Media Personal Accounts: Tag the Artist’s relevant social media tag @soulbirdart (SoulBird Art by Roberta Orpwood) – donations welcomed and optional

Social Media Business Accounts (commercial) : Tag @soulbirdart ‘Art by SoulBird Art ©Roberta Orpwood’ and make a donation to via Paypal / or purchase a print from the Etsy store for each individual Artwork shared on your business account.

Please note that some paintings created are sensitive by nature and will not be available for open share on the web (often relating to personal information such as the SoulBird Art Intuitive Soul Portraits) and therefore I kindly ask that you CONTACT ME TO REQUEST THE USE OF A SPECIFIC IMAGES BEFORE using it.

Supporting businesses – if you are sharing an image, let me know so I too can support YOUR business and return the Love.

4. Commercial Use and licencing (digital and physical merchandise)

Those persons who wish to use the images/artworks found on this site in a commercial fashion must receive written consent from me, Roberta Orpwood, prior to its commercial use. To obtain consent, interested parties should send an e-mail to A Licencing agreement can be discussed once I have more information about your request.

In that e-mail the following should be addressed:

Image(s) you would like to use

Where they will be displayed

How they will be displayed

Intent of its display

Duration of their public viewing

Any other information you feel would be useful

Any commercial use of my images/artwork without prior consent is a violation of United Kingdom and International copyright law.


4. Copyright Infringement is Serious

The act of infringing on a copyright is a very serious business and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. I am a Professional and work as a self-employed woman in the Uk and have worked very hard to build my own business single handedly to present you with high quality paintings and images and so I kindly ask that you refrain from copying any of the graphics, photographs, or articles from this site for your own use (other than the terms stated above).

Doing so is an infringement of United Kingdom and International copyright laws.