Aftercare and Integration

It is extremely important that you allow yourself to take good care of yourself following your Shamanic healing. Doing so will enable one of the most important phases of your healing to unfold; INTEGRATION.


Please follow the guidelines below to support yourself during the following days after your healing.


  • Following the healing session, it’s best to take it easy, rest, relax, go for a walk and avoid stressful situations.


  • Please drink plenty of water to not only keep you hydrated but also to allow any toxins released by the energy healing to be flushed from the body.


  • After the healing have a bath or a shower as the water will allow you the opportunity to integrate the energy healing more deeply. (Epsom salts are suggested for your bath)


  • If you feel ungrounded at the end of a healing session try to eat or drink something.


  • Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery after the treatment.


  • Please avoid red meat, alcohol or any chemical toxins for the next 24 hours


  • Keep a journal for the coming weeks so you can observe any changes that have occurred as a result of the healing.


  • Sometimes complementary therapy can cause a healing reaction. During or after the healing session, you may experience a worsening of symptoms before they get better. In the unlikely event that a healing reaction does happen, you can contact me to discuss this matter. If you feel the situation needs closer attention you should contact your doctor / physician.  If you feel you need immediate medical care, you should not hesitate to contact a medical professional.


  • I will give you recommendations for self-care to be done in-between the healing sessions and/or at the end of a course of treatment(s). These may include important integration rituals and sacred prescriptions from spirit designed especially to help you integrate. Please honour and respect the work by committing to the practices offered.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.